16 December 2004

to beat the Jeopardy-dood who won million$

(My Jeopardy Catagories via Bridget)

I'd Need These Catagories:
1. . Yamaha Motif-8 recording procedures
2. . Relational Organizing
3. . Coffee & Cigarettes
4. . Bush Admin Ruining the US
5. . Late Compositions of Beethoven
6. . Sobriety


thymius said...

That's funny. Although I think you would be able to dance through a few more topics. Like,

Keith Emerson haircuts
Driving with no brakes
Talent contests
Untuning pianos
Knowing everything about good music
Skid marks

I'll take blue flames for $1000 Alex.

ScottB said...

More like, Freddie Mercury haircuts. I could also whiz through a "Lutheran Hymns" catagory. Think about THAT! :)

Anonymous said...

11 yr-old Epileptic German Shepherds
HTML (just for 300 Alex)
New Drive-By-Truckers album
Indoor Hydroponics
7am BayBridge Commute
1994 Camrys

nice one -SteveH

Anonymous said...

the Simpsons
Metal presses
San Diego Chargers
my girlfriend Marlena
Vegan breakfasts
US Imperialism

Anonymous said...

Teenage behavoir-changes
7 mile runs in Forest Park
Tom Waits
'05 Honda line

Anonymous said...

US Bank overdraft acounting
cnn tsunami coverage
Portland St registration bullshit
midnite billiards
cold windy weather