10 December 2004

Live in Portland Tonight:

The Arcade Fire & The Weakerthans

I'm excited as hell that I'm off to see the The Arcade Fire play this evening. Especially after reading Blogumentary, which mentioned them putting on one of the best live shows he's seen since Neutral Milk Hotel, (the only rockband over the past few years who officially won the right to have my babies.)
I really think "Funeral" is easily the best indy-rock release of the year. (the Pitchfork guys seem to agree)
Oh yeah...The Weakerthans are pretty good too.


Anonymous said...

i saw them wed night at bottom of the hill and YES they were awesome ~HK

Anonymous said...

so how were they?

ScottB said...

They were VERY good (after some initial lengthy sound check problems.) They have a complex and interesting live sound; quite mid-rangy with group vocals, violin, keybd, accordian, lots of percussion and these "overdriven" vocal and guitar-based harmonics. They really have quite an original sound, and I will say confidently to all to see them if they visit your town.

Calvin said...

Dude I saw that show, it was aswome.

Anonymous said...

i saw em in Denver you're right-best record of the year