15 November 2004

The big fat end of my patience

4 reasons not to watch Reality TV on Fox

The Swan
Translation? You’re an ugly woman; let our male plastic surgeons fix that. The Swan is yet another vehicle for inundating women with even more fascist beauty-dogma perpetrated by aging, repressed, fantasy-driven white males.
Love Cruise
"This is great TV...if you're a whore." - Love Cruise producer Kathy Wetherell, from Entertainment Weekly
My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss
A stiffly contrived exercise in chain yanking from the Rocket Science stable of executive producer Chris Cowan, whose other Fox efforts have included "Temptation Island," and "Joe Millionaire".
Trading Spouses
Do I really have to explain? This is just twisted and sick.
And as most of my friends know, don’t even get me started on American Idol. I'll never shut up.
I heard this one the other day:
"Oh, but reality shows deal with real life issues!"
Uhmm…No…they deal with completely bullshit issues that the viewer in turn compares to their own “real life issues” in a vain attempt to validate their own “real life" around what happens on fucking TV in order to make themselves feel better about being a total loser ass-stick with no life.


Jacque B. said...

I agree; there are many reasons to blow up your television. Watching television, Fox and all networks, is a passive activity which keeps people from living their lives. I can't say I believe much of what is presented, either. Which is better: to sponge up information through the airwaves while lying on the couch/chair/floor/bed, or to go out and experience it first hand? The answer is SO OBVIOUS!

(Although I admit that The Daily Show is helping me out a little bit right now, in the wake of the Red State Take Over. Sigh.)

Anonymous said...

calm down dude it's only tv. bad tv, yes, but only tv.

genetic mishap said...

sounds like you are really angry at the tv... I would consider therapy

Anonymous said...

Nice link to the 4 arguments for the elimination of television site.

Fictional Correspondant said...


I hate reality television aswell. It just has a bad smell to it. Never mind the obvious facts.

I like your blogs. And thank you for posting on mine. Because mine is a shity blog lol

Keep up the good work :)

Anonymous said...

I think reality TV is just great. Being a born again Christian I think voyeurism, violence, and tormenting people till they break down is all good fun. I mean we get to watch it we just can't do it. I think heaven will be a lot like reality TV.

ScottB said...

Har! Personally, I hope heaven will be like those old "the softest toilet-paper" commercials: I'll be playing a harp on cotton-ball clouds, sporting a long white beard I might add