23 November 2004

From the "Really? Ya Think So?" Files

Military Academy Admission Down
It's somewhat of a relief to me in knowing that there is an upcoming generation of kids who aren't buying into the "go kill 'other' human beings for freedom & patriotism" crap that has been steadily dished out for 3 years now by the misleading and manipulative Bush Administration and their reactive/fear-based supporters who instantly seem willing to parrot any and all of their insane rhetoric without anykind of cognitive reflection or self-examination.
I say: if you believe in this war, then enlist your own kids to go kill or be killed.

MICHAEL HILL .. Associated Press

West Point applications were off 11% as of Oct. 21 compared to a year earlier. The U.S. Naval Academy posted a 20% drop by the same week and the U.S. Air Force Academy reported a 9% drop compared to early October of last year. At West Point, U.S. Military Academy administrators say the lower numbers likely reflect the tail end of an application spike that followed the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The Naval Academy experienced a similar spike in the last two years, but officials there said it was difficult to speculate on reasons for yearly fluctuations. With death tolls mounting in Iraq, some military officials have said they worry lengthy deployments and hard combat could hurt recruiting.
Of two recent West Point dropouts who spoke on the condition of anonymity, one cited disenchantment with Army life and the other said Iraq was a major factor in his decision.
"I didn't want to be deployed in a war I didn't believe in," he said.


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