18 November 2004

Watch a band start a song over because of digital (cell phone) interference

Wilco Video on the Radio

Wilco plays a GREAT set on LA radio, (w/ an "ok" interview in middle) despite it being 11-something a.m. in a radio-station studio fraught with technical problems.
Even if you don't particularily care for this type of music, Wilco is absolutely phenomenal here. Outstanding musicians to say the very least.
Don't give-up on the KCRW "video-production" --I use the term loosely-- as it does develop past "the bass-player show" of the first minute and a half.
My favorite Jeff Tweedy line: "Keep in mind folks that halfway through that song, our ears were bleeding." This after some sort of monitoring problems.
The cell-phone disturbance occurs during the last song.
And despite the hour, the problems and all the rest...they kick ass anyway.

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Anonymous said...

what a great post and link!!! im a huge wilco fan and was amazed to hit nextblog and find this. thanks