10 February 2005

Music Alert!

Smoosh (!!!)

Music is nothing if it’s not conceived for the joy of it.

The fearless confidence that often accompanies youth (Asya is twelve, Chloe is ten) runs through Smoosh’s pop-based quirk rock with strength and beauty, and people are listening in awe.

“My favorite thing is how when I play out places, it makes me feel all happy,” confesses Chloe, one half of Seattle’s Smoosh. Chloe’s older sister Asya, Smoosh’s vocalist and pianist/keyboardist, wails and croons like an old soul with her tiny, tremulous voice.

Here is their Feb tour schedule with Mates of State

Listen to them live

Watch Smoosh video

This is yet another reminder to pay attention to Noise Pop you Bay Areaers, where you can see Smoosh live on Wed. night (Feb 23rd) at Slim's.

thanks to waxy and witz for this


Anonymous said...

I've bookmarked and visit your blog regularly because of the info and headsups like on this post today. thanks

thymius said...

I saw Smoosh last summer in Seattle. You really can't believe your ears. Best band since Mott The Hoople.

Anonymous said...

aaahhh yaaah! theyare great!!!! aaahhhhhh

Anonymous said...

The parents have a lot to do with the band. I know the 10 year old is scared to death of her Father and her Mother makes her drum in the closet.

ScottB said...

really? How dya know this?