06 February 2005

Music review

YoYo Ma and Condoleeza Rice's Dazzling Rendition of the Brahms Cello Sonata

I was very impressed by Condoleeza Rice's brilliant execution of the Brahms Cello Sonata, and especially with her lyrical playing that inately seemed to capture the obvious Brahms musical metaphor of deception and lying. Rice's playing clearly evoked Brahms' musical imagery of justifying systematic use of torture on innocent Muslim civilians in Iraq. In the final striking movement, Rice successfully captured and emphasized Brahms' haunting melodic interpretation of ignoring important intelligence briefings that caused the deaths of thousands of American lives. Whatta player!!!
I suppose Yo Yo Ma was pretty good too.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious Scott

Anonymous said...

her performance was weak and timid relying on the musical balls of Bush

Anonymous said...

maybe Rummy and Gonzales had Yoyo Ma's balls hooked up to electric shock therapy

Faulks said...

funniest stuff I've read on a blog in months