28 January 2005

Noise Pop 2005 in SF; Feb 22-27

The Noise Pop Schedule looks tempting!

I'd not miss:
Joanna Newsom
Mates Of State and Smoosh

The Walkmen
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

And maybe:
Comets On Fire
Amon Tobin


Anonymous said...

So, the Other Minds Fest and Noise Pop conflict.
Hmmmmm; too bad
That IS a pretty great week of music in SF

Anonymous said...

although Coachella's fest looks even better: NineInchNails, Wilco, Aracade Fire, Bauhaus, Weezer, Bright Eyes and that's for starters
hell Coldplay is even doing a set there

ScottB said...

I agree Coachella has an impressive and awesome lineup; but the Noise Pop show is more tempting to me. Here's a couple of reasons why:
Venue - more intimate club setting(s) in SF compared to the Woodstock-esque paradigm at Coachella with all of its horribleness. Ya know, I'm old, what can I say.
The Acts - Coachella (primarily) is featuring groups that have "made it", as compared to Noise Pop featuring bands who are a year or two away, if ever...so, it's the opportunity to catch these bands BEFORE they hit it huge.
Besides, Smoosh will play Noise Pop and NOT Coachella. I could give a shit seeing Coldplay or even Nine Inch Nails.