19 January 2005

Iraqi Election "Debates" Heat-up

Three Candidates and 26 Others Killed

Spreading Freedom and Democracy to the Rest of the World!

A suicide bomber struck the Baghdad headquarters of Iraq biggest Shiite political party Tuesday, killing three election candidates, as the government announced plans to close borders and restrict movements to bolster security in the national election. The three candidates were slain as insurgents intensified their campaign to subvert the ballot.

The Bush Administration and Iraq is just a big fucking disaster.
Iraq is WAY worse than Vietnam ever was.
Military officials are now admitting that even as Bush kept asserting that we were making "good progress in Iraq", the insurgency was growing in numbers and effectiveness, and that the Army Reserve is "rapidly degenerating into a 'broken' force," and oh, by the way, we'll need to spend at least another $100 billion to pay for war expenses and replace damaged equipment. But the accountability moment, says Mr. Bush, is behind us.
As proven yet again yesterday with CondiRice, the Bush-Liars-Team have no credibility, no integrity and are not fit to hold ANY of the offices: President, Vice-President, Secretary of State, Sec. of Defense, etc.

Four more years people, 4 more years.


Anonymous said...

king george the IInd will rule with his rusty fist

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debates. thats a good one.

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