11 March 2006

Gershwin's Law

"Many people say that too much study kills spontaneity in music, but I claim that, although study may kill a small talent, it must develop a big talent. In other words, if study kills a musical endowment, it deserves to be killed."

The George Gershwin Reader, p. 136.

via The Rest is Noise


Wilson said...

I've just had it with the legions of whiney indyrocker hacks who always seem to be justifing their (plagaristic musical approach of) songwriting by a simple reasoning of "my talent being spoiled by a musical-education." Gah..

jan c said...

well to me the sentiment by ol' George is a given, and doesn't need to be labored. HOWEVER it is interesting to me that an essentially non-improvising musician had such a strong take on "spontanteity"; or izzit just posturing?
and Who Gives A Fuck about indy hacks? you care about tha,t it just feeds what oughtta be ignored. go play or make some music WHYDONCHA.