21 April 2005

Victoriaville 2005

This Year's (Stunning) FIMAV Schedule

Though I'd certainly be excited to see/hear Frith and Braxton, and Lars Holmer (Samla), and Thurston Moore, and Zeena Parkins with Ikue Mori (from DNA), and on and on...I might actually be most excited to see Kid Koala, a huge recent favorite of mine. I love these animated videos --and the songs--Basin Street Blues from "All My Best Friends Are DJ's" and FenderBender from "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome".

One of these years, I'll save up and then shell out the money to make it to Victoriaville.


Jason said...

whatta line up!!!!!!

pp said...

fantastic animations and music!! I'd never heard of KidKoala. He creates his music on turntables? Amazing.

richland said...

didn't Samla play back east last year?

ScottB said...

huh, lots of exclamation points!!! on this post.
I'm not entirely sure how Kid Koala does what he does, definitely sampling and turntables. Maybe some Pro Tools manipulation. I missed him the last time he was in Portland so I don't know how he pulls it all off live. A lot of people heard his stuff with Gorillaz and probably the song Clint Eastwood which was on left-end radio for a while.
And Yes, Samla did play last year at NearFest, or ProgFest or BeerFest, I can't remember which one.

Anonymous said...

I'll NEVER forget seeing Univers Zero live there, then walking out to the lobby after the concert in a daze and buying every Cassiber, Univers Zero, Henry Cow and God-knows-what else CD from a huge table packed with the rarest, bestest music known to mankind. The experience was topped off by having breakfast at the Hotel Colbiri surrounded by everyone from Yamatsuka Eye to Fred Frith. Ahhh the good ol' days!

levi said...

i like the inclusion of the new collage/noise bands like wolfeyes, hairpolice, dead machines and double leopards