26 April 2005

Detroit Tiger Philosopher

Dimitri Young on Barry Bonds:
“I look at him like Jesus Christ. I’m talking Barry Bonds.
As great as he is, he gets persecuted more and more and more. It’s not fair.”

via Jim Rome

You’re right Dimitri, Barry is a lot like Jesus...except for:

  • Jesus’ trainer wasn’t loading him up on steroids.
  • Jesus’ head didn’t expand five hat sizes late in his career.
  • Jesus never suddenly went from 49 to 73 homeruns.

Don’t think MLB isn’t privately thrilled to hear that Barry's back on crutches. The last thing MLB wants is for Jesus Bonds to run down Hank Aaron.


Anonymous said...

that was great when Jesus went 3 for 4 and drove in 5 rbis

ScottB said...

Jesus still has a tendency to pull the ball to right-field. he he