03 March 2005

Here we go!

Baseball '05
My friend Jeff in D.C. reports, "You wouldn't believe how jazzed and genuinely informed I am about our yet-to-hit-town Nationals." . Every team is a hopeful contender in March, (yes, even an expansion team) which is one of the beautiful things about baseball. Just ask any Chicago Cubs fan and while you're at it, ask a Red Sox fan about last year.
Baseball annually breeds optimism.

Washington Nationals' manager Frank Robinson and pitcher Esteban
Loaiza before their first spring training game against the New York Mets
yesterday in Viera, Fla. (AP Photo/Lawrence Jackson)


Sam J said...

I agree to an extent, but its still the same question every spring-training: who can beat the yankees and their payroll?

thymius said...

Remember that Frank Robinson rookie card I gave you for your birthday years ago? I want it back. I'm re-gifting.

Where can I get a 'Frank Robinson is the manager of my new bitchen ball club right here in D.C. and I can't fucking wait' Hallmark card for Jeff. Need to find one with a pop-out hot dog.

Go Nat's.

Anonymous said...

That team should have been in PORTLAND!!!