01 March 2005

From the What's Wrong With This Picture Dept.

via WRH
Support Our Troops?
U.S. Soldier Fights To Keep Home While In Iraq
Wife Says Bank Threatens To Foreclose On
Sergeant's House; Sell Belongings
$9 Billion Goes Missing In Iraq
Huge Sum Disappears Without A Trace
(by Helen Thomas, Hearst White House columnist)

Sgt. Steve Welter

Bush Administration war-profiteers earn & steal billions off of Iraq, while soldiers fighting there are losing their homes?

And just where is all of the "support our troops" polemic from the flag-waving dupes over this?

Let Wells Fargo know how you feel about their two-faced greed.

1 comment:

Sizemore said...

A truly horrifying picture painted by the two juxtaposed articles. nice work.
While I don't think Wells Fargo is purposely out to screw this guy, I do remember a support our troops mentality from them via the media and marketing. As for Halliburton and Co, there day is coming, mark my words.
Nice blog here. Keep it up, I'll check back.