23 December 2006

The other 4 from '6

Roots & Crowns
A while back, a friend of mine told me about this band Califone he saw opening a show for Wilco. "They were the best band of the night".
Having a hard time grappling with that, I bought this record and...wow.


Since May, repeated playings of Ships lasted me through the year.
This mere fact speaks volumes.

Howe Gelb
'Sno Angel Like You
(Ex-Giant Sand) Howe Gelb's solo record:
sortof Lou Reed meets Tom Waits...or something. Nice.

Fort Recovery
I read this internet-bit about Will Johnson meeting Will Sheff (Okkervil River) who had a Proust "Remembrance of Things Past" book tucked under his armpit at a Centro-matic show. I bought this record just because of that story. According to my I-Tunes playcount, I listened to this a lot.
I call this: alt.drive-by-truckers meets Neil Y.'s Crazy Horse, on steroids.


Anonymous said...

nice list

Anonymous said...

wheres the sonic youth you liked in the summer?

ScottB said...

yeah, it didn't last the year. (though there are some great songs on it)

Anonymous said...

Check out The CodeTalkers latest: 'Now'. Funky American roots stuff meets organ jazz meets just plain weirdness. Great tunes like: "Victor the Snakeman." Damn hot players. It's my pick 'O the year by far.

Anonymous said...

tv on the radio

ScottB said...

havent heard them yet...suppose i should give a listen